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Booom! is a pyrotechnic company, developing and producing bespoke community-led projects centred around traditional and seasonal celebrations involving public procession, portable and temporary sculptures, fire and pyrotechnics.

We are trained pyrotechnicians with extensive experience of community participation. The hallmark of our work is the close integration of our sculptures and pyrotechnics with the other aspects of a wider community celebration.

We collaborate with schools, youth clubs and other local community groups in the production of events, particularly through the mediums of sculpture-making workshops, drumming, and processional duties.

We also operate as an independent unit, offering private displays and fire sculptures.

Booom! is a not-for-profit organisation operating on a co-operative basis. For more information please contact us at:-

information [at ] booom.org.uk

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-- Website design thanks to Josh King-Farlow -- Booom! are co-founders of the Miniscule of Sound